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Clubcasting | October 30, 2018


Podcasts are a great way to express yourself. But, why settle for a couple hours a month when you can build a brand around yourself 24 hours a day? If you already have a catalog of podcasts, you already have content for your station. 

CLUBCASTING™ isn’t just for clubs. We’re the authority on traditional (AM/FM) radio, internet radio and podcasting. There are plenty of platforms to publish and host your podcast, but only CLUBCASTING™ gives you YOUR OWN 24 HOUR RADIO STATION dedicated to YOUR brand and content.

Facebook LIVE, SoundCloud, etc., are “PULL” technologies. Radio is a “PUSH” technology. Pull technologies require the user to “do something” to keep listening. Usually limited to a playlist, and your fans can get pulled away from your content with similar content suggestions on 3rd party platforms.

With CLUBCASTING™, your content is always on 24/7. Just hit PLAY. Keep your fans listening longer and never dilute your brand. 

Technology has leveled the playing field making it possible to compete with commercial (AM/FM) radio and develop an audience with original content that doesn’t get exposure on corporate radio.

CLUBCASTING™ is curated radio YOU CONTROL for less than $19/week.

  • 24 HOUR content
  • Monetize with sponsorships and advertising (YOU KEEP THE REVENUE)
  • Feature other podcasts on your station

Written by Clubcasting

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